Sunday, February 26, 2006

A Delightful Goofball in Concert

We heard Livingston Taylor in concert last night. I last heard him in the early 1980's. I didn't remember him being so much of a goofball then. Not that I don't appreciate that kind of thing.

I enjoyed myself, but I was struck at how much he seems to enjoy making music. He commented several times on how much he liked writing a certain piece. The delight that he had created some melody or other.

He sang new stuff, old stuff, and a couple pieces by other folks. He seemed so pleased to be able to be paid to perform, particularly for an appreciative audience. There was so much joy in the musical process: the playing, the singing, the remembering how he came up with the music and/or the lyrics, and even baiting the audience - a mischievous weighing of the crowd to see what tomfoolery we would put up with.

Me? I don't create my own music or lyrics, I only interpret someone else's work. When I truly enjoy the piece, I do delight in the moment, but I often have another soundtrack going in my head. The part reminding me to emphasize here, or to slow down there, or willing another voice part to come in properly, or counting the audience members to compare with the take (in hopes the budget comes up in the black this year), or thinking I should have more comfortable shoes, or wishing it was an appropriate time for a big drink of water.

It sounds so busy and all that must, must distance me from the delight in the music itself. I do wonder from time to time if I shouldn't hook up with a larger group again, one in which I can be just a voice, rather than a major moving force to keep the organization going. I definitely need to start listening (and singing along) to my favorite stuff on my iPod more.

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