Friday, February 23, 2007

My Niece's Pictures - more batch 4


A couple more pictures and comments from my niece on Feb 16:

Pic 2110016: 4 people and 3 dogs crammed into this fire truck. The firemen took us out to the flight line to let us play with shooting the water. I blew down the constatine wire and a steel barrier. They were very nice though and idnt revoke my license to shoot water! he he he. I wont be becoming a firefighter anytime soon though.... Recon also enjoyed blowing the horn on the truck. It is located on the floor and she stomped right on it a few times and made us all jump!

Pic 2110020: This picture was taken on Sather AB where I stay. This is in the front of the Glass House where Saddam Hussein used to have a lot of his meetings. The inside is all marble and the dome on the building is made up of glass, but you can't see through from the inside to the outside. It is real pretty though.

My Niece's Pictures - batch 4


Pictures and comments from my niece on Feb 16:

Pic 701: Speaks for itself....Recon is constantly curious...

Pic 724: The firefighters just about wore her out with a game of fetch.

Pic 727: Recon posin' in the fire truck. Where she is sitting is about 6' from the ground and she got up there all on her own!

Pic 732: Recon is sitting on the platform in front of the truck where the water comes out. She got up there all by herself as well and it is about 5' off the ground. She is quite the jumper and is always amazing everyone with how high she jumps.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pictures from my Niece - batch 3 continued


batch 3 continued with my niece's comments:

Pic 1010028 is of Recon and Sabrina hanging out at Green Beans Coffee Shop. We walk the dogs from the kennels to this area just about every night. They get to stop and visit many military men and women along the way and then we sit and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate before heading back. It is about a 2 mile walk. The dogs really enjoy it and so do the military men and women.

Pic 1010032A is of Recon giving a "hug" to one of the military guys.

We also went over to the fire department on the flight line today and were able to get a bunch of great pics with all the firemen and pics of Recon in the fire truck and up on the front of the truck. They all just loved playing with her. When then went on a ride in the fire truck. Recon stepped on the horn and made us all jump. It was really loud! They then handed the controls for the water to me and I proceeded to blow down the constatine wire fence! It was so much fun! But I think that if I had to put a fire out with my skills that it just wouldnt happen. I'll stick to working the dog. ;) I dont have any of the pics from today yet, but will forward some when I get them.

Pictures from my Niece - batch 3


More pix with comments from my niece on Feb 11:

Pic 3856A This is Recon and Hunter. Hunter is one of the other cadaver dogs here.

Pic 1010001 This is me at the Flintstone Palace. This palace was built by Saddam for 2 of his grandkids to play in. It looks like something out of the Flintstones cartoon. It is located on a manmade lake directly across from the Victory Over America and Victory Over Iran Palace. The Victory Over America Palace was never finished due to the war.

Pic 1010006 This is a picture of me in one of the 2nd story windows/doors of the Flintstone Palace. You can see part of the Victory Over America Palace in the background.

Pic 1010008 is a picture of the Flintstone Palace and the Victory Over America Palace

Pic 1010021is a picture of the Flintstone Palace

Pictures from my Niece - batch 2


More pictures from Feb 11 with her notes:

Pic 3828 This is a picture of one of the places where we train. It is located on Sather AB in an area where construction type trash is dumped occasionally.

Pic 3830 This is me and 2 Iraqi girls at the CMOC. CMOC is a clinic on the base where Iraqis are brought for health care and to receive food and other items. Both of these girls speak English fairly well and said that they learned it in school.

Pic 3838 Is a picture of me with one of the last efigies (sp?) of Saddam Hussein that is left in tact. This was taken on Slayer Camp near where the Army Corps of Engineers has there Mass Graves Team set up.

Pic 3839 This is a picture of Recon on my bed in tent city. She isn't supposed to be in there anymore, but I was able to get a pic of her before they decided they couldn't have them in there.

Pic 3844 This is a picture of me, in all of my ballistic equipment, working Recon on Sather AB. This was a training session. The equipment weighs over 40lbs and we are required to work the dogs on lead. It is very difficult to watch where you walk and work the dog at the same time in all that gear. I feel like a storm trooper in that get up!

Pictures from my Niece - batch 1


My niece sent these pictures on Feb 11 from Iraq:

Pic 3761 is of Recon on my bed in Kuwait. We didnt get to spend much time there because we had to be at the flightline about every 2 hours to see if we could get a flight out to Baghdad. We finally did 2 days later.

Pic 3792A I also took this picture from on top of the control tower but It is looking away from Baghdad and towards Sather AB. Tent City is somewhere in the dust behind the helicopters.

Pic 3805 is a sunset picture that I took from on top of the Baghdad International Airport control tower.

Pic 3819 This is Recon and one of the other cadaver dogs, Sabrina, playing at the kennels.

Pic 3820 The 2nd tent on the left is where I stay right now. We have received our trailers, but they have to poor footings for them, so it will be a month or so before we move in to them.