Sunday, February 22, 2009

Finger Paints


[Cafe Writing this month includes a timed-writing prompt in which we are asked to consider this quote:
…should I draw you the picture of my heart it would be what I hope you would still love though it contained nothing new. The early possession you obtained there, and the absolute power you have obtained over it, leaves not the smallest space unoccupied..
~Abigail Adams (in a letter to John Adams)
then use 9 minutes (only!) to write about "a picture of your heart." Here's what I came up with. I tried to stay true to the 9 minutes (going over only to agonize briefly over a working title). I'm interested to see what others came up with. Nine minutes is not very long!]

Finger Paints

I need finger paints
in order to give you
a picture of my heart.

I need the bright simple colors
to stand out and show the
confetti it throws when
you make me smile.

I need to smear the color
on the slippery page
to try to convey the way it
beats faster when we kiss.

I may be complicated
but my heart is simple
enough for finger paints.
My heart loves only you.

I need finger paints
and just my own fingers,
to give you my heart,
perhaps a bit messy,
but sweet just the same.