Thursday, March 29, 2007

Deepest, Darkest


From across the room it was just a box. But up close, well, that was different. It was a box just for me, a box full of promises. And still just a box.

I remember taking off the lid, then breaking through the plastic that sealed everything inside. I removed that and the thin padding and before my eyes could take it in, my nose started speaking to me. It told me of a slightly earthy smell, sweet and smooth, maybe something more.

Then my eyes played across the rows, taking in the smooth shapes, with a bit of shine to them. I recognized the bumps and the swirls.

The hard part was deciding which was first. And which to save for last. I remember that, and sharing some. But now there is one left.

With the lid open, my nose rushes ahead of me.
Dark and round and smooth and waiting for me. I pick it up and put it in my mouth, on my tongue. No biting, this has to last. It starts to melt and the smell deepens. The top of my tongue is covered, now the sides, now underneath and I swallow. The weakened shell breaks and the even darker inside melts too.

The sugar-fat-cocoa slides around my mouth, not at all in a rush. Taking its time to coat my mouth and I swallow some more.

And finally there is no more to swallow. Just a lingering taste and smell. A box of promises, indeed.

[Inspired by Sunday Scribblings, thanks to Dan's for the picture]