Saturday, June 21, 2008

Two for Cafe Writing

[I haven't been keeping up with the prompts at the monthly Cafe Writing, but fortunately Melissa gave us a bit more time with a combined May-June set of prompts. Do stop by to check out the contributions from the other talented folks over there. These two poems came from the prompt to use three of the following words: arouse, morning, nerve, women, men, beauty, admire, nowhere.]


It's true that I've nerve to admire
the strongest of women with fire.
In spite of their flaws
they have earned my applause
and I set my goals just that much higher.

A Josh-Nosh Limerick

My dad was a man among men
who would sleep late each weekday and then
out of nowhere – no warning –
he'd arise Sunday morning,
make us breakfast and ask where we'd been.


Lucy said...

I like the one about your dad, he had his priorities right!

sister AE said...

Thanks, Lucy. The pancakes and frech toast he made were good too!