Thursday, October 30, 2008

Judgment of the Moon

[Cafe Writing prompted me to write some fiction about a night when the moon is howling... ]

Judgment of the Moon

I was cold. Not shivery-fun cold, like when the snow crunches under your feet and you know cocoa is waiting at home. This cold was damp and ran right through me as I stood in the woods and listened.

Or tried to listen. It was hard to listen to nothing. No breeze moved one branch against another. Not a single mouse scurried. The dead, wet leaves had compressed into a spongy mat that swallowed the sound of my boots. This was a night when even the trees held their breath in fearful expectation and only the clear, empty sky rang aloud with the howl of the moon.

The giant, yellow eye unblinkingly spied me cringing in the shadows. Passion-full it searched my soul and judged me wanting. I held my breath in dread at the sentence, unable to image the payment it would demand.

Then the wind sighed and the moon shed a tear, and the howl was in my own throat and I was sentenced to live.


MissMeliss said...

The bit about cocoa waiting at home brought me back to childhood in Colorado. I KNOW that feeling.

New prompts are posted at CW.

-- Miss Meliss

sister AE said...

Thanks, Meliss. I'll stop by soon.