Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dental Limerick

[For Mad Kane's Humor Blog and the Dental Limerick and Haiku prompt.]

She hated her teeth were not brigher
and so sought out a way to go lighter.
The hygienist did preach,
but the dentist used bleach,
and now no one has teeth that are whiter.


Sleepypete said...

Lol - that one definitely brought out a chuckle :-)

rashbre said...

my first time to visit this blog site
to find it a place with such teeth white
sent here by Michele
to comment and tell
that greetings from me make it all right!


Mad Kane said...

Ha! Thanks for joining in on my latest prompt!

sister AE said...

thanks, Pete.

Excellent, rashbre!

You are quite welcome Mad Kane.

Joyce said...

Thanks, Sister AE, for stopping by my blog. I enjoyed your dental limerick, and also the poem about the three sisters on the cameo. :)

sister AE said...

Thank you, Joyce!

Anonymous said...

bleaching your teeth is not right
it's unnatural to want them so white
that's just a shade a technician has made
that can give a blind man his sight

sister AE said...

just so, elizzy. I don't bleach mine, but the limerick I wanted doesn't work yet.

USpace said...

That's great, I wish my teeth were a little brighTer too. Fun prompt, cool blog, I had to link you.


While sitting in the dentist’s chair,
It just seemed so very unfair;
The doctor had no more gas,
So time would not easily pass,
And this gave me quite a big scare.

with cavities
you must get novocain
- but gas makes it fun

sister AE said...

Thanks, USpace.