Friday, March 13, 2009

Clerihew Take 2

[This week Totally Optional Prompts encouraged us to rewrite. I looked for something I could stand to look at again and my heart wasn't in it.

Last spring I took a challenge to try my hand at the clerihew. I posted a couple then and decided that for my "rewrite" I would write another. It's late, but I did come up with one. I should try more of these when I'm awake.]

Jay Leno (host),
seen coast to coast,
competed with sleep and yawns (ours)
so will soon be on earlier by hours.


Linda Jacobs said...

First time I see this form and I like it! I think I'll have my poetry-writing students try these!

Well done!

sister AE said...

Hi, Linda.

Search the Miss Rumphius blog I link to for "clerihew" and see the other references she gives - at lest one is tied to poetry for kids.