Saturday, August 11, 2012

Pics Taken with SmartPhone

Carmi over at Written Inc challenged us to share pictures taken with smartphones (or tablets, etc).  I do that occasionally for pleasure when my camera isn't with me.  But most of the pictures I take with my phone are for short-term work purposes like these: 

The one above is when I was helping someone with connections.  We had to disconnect all these wires, disconnect the box, thread everything out of the lectern they were in, then reverse all the steps with the brand-new lectern.  I captured this so we would remember which order the colors connect to the box. 

A couple of weeks later I was on a walk-through of an office area under construction.  Rather than jot down lots of network jack numbers, I snapped a few of these so that I could send the info to someone later.  This one had the advantage of reminding me where in the room it was (next to the light switch).

I don't typically keep these around after the task is finished, although a few end up tweaked into documentation (such as our how-to on using the buil-in audio-visual features in the conference rooms).

Go check out Carmi's post and see what others contributed this week.


Carmi Levy said...

What a great idea! I've got to start using my smartphone camera in a similar way, to document day-to-day stuff that once upon a time I would have had to write down. So much easier to simply review the pics afterward.

They have a unique artistry to them. Both of these are definitely keepers...makes me wonder where all those wires are going, and what they're carrying. I love a good mystery!

Janet said...

wow, it was great to see you post :-)

I do this too, and with recipes I want to try, things I see in supermarkets I want to get, books I want to read ... just little photo reminders!

My Bravo 95 said...

I like these! I think they're actually very arty. Do you think that this challenge has inspired you to take more pictures using just your smartphone?