Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spring Reading 2007

In case anyone is curious, here's what I've been reading this spring. These are pretty much in order starting in late February.
  • Chill Factor (Weather Warden Book Three), by Rachel Caine [fantasy]
  • A Princess of Roumania by Paul Park [fantasy]
  • Priestess of the White (Age of the Five: Book One) by Trudi Canavan [fantasy]
  • Last of the Wilds (Age of the Five: Book Two) by Trudi Canavan [fantasy]
  • Chasing Vermeer by Blue Balliett, Illustrated by Brett Helquist [youth book, but a fun mystery anyway]
  • The Horizontal World: growing up wild in the middle of nowhere by Debra Marquart [memoir]
  • The Fallen Man by Tony Hillerman [mystery]
  • Hunting Badger by Tony Hillerman [mystery]
  • The First Eagle by Tony Hillerman [mystery]
  • The Wailing Wind by Tony Hillerman [mystery]
  • The Sinister Pig by Tony Hillerman [mystery]
  • The Shape Shifter by Tony Hillerman [mystery]
I normally don't plow through this many books unless vacation is involved (WAIT until you see that list!) but there were extenuating circumstances this spring. I had a cold in late February (home nursing that left time to read). I took a trip in early March and needed books to read on the airplane and in the interminable waits at the airports. And I've had a cold in May that has dragged on forever, keeping me "resting" as much as possible - lots more time to read.

I haven't picked out my next book yet, but I have a big stack to work from. I am never without at least a few books waiting for me. I'll have to let you know what strikes my fancy next.

Let me know if you want to know what I thought of any of these.


Julie Carter said...

I think I've read the Paul Park book. What did you think of the Trudi Canavan books? I keep meaning to pick up something by her.

sister AE said...

Hello, Julie.

I'll preface by saying that I really enjoy light fantasy, and I gravitate to works by female authors. I think they tend to have more believable female characters, and more intelligent female characters.

I had read Canavan's "Black Magician" trilogy and enjoyed it well enough. The main character was young enough that her naivte was understandable.

I love the "Age of the Five" series. It has a lot of well-developed characters and it is set in an interesting world. The stories are told from different viewpoints, so you get a different take on various events.

The Paul Park book was, well, not what I hoped it would be. The story was OK, but I can't seem to care about any of the characters, certainly not enough to venture into a next book. Oh, well.

What do you like?

Julie Carter said...

Hi again, AE.

I find that I strongly prefer female authors when it comes to mystery novels, but in fantasy it seems to be a more even split. (I seem to prefer women in poetry, too, but there are so many exceptions that it's hardly a preference.)

If I remember the Paul Park book, I wasn't happy about it. I think your comment about not caring about the characters was precisely my problem, as well. It all felt cold and dismal.

I'm not sure if I'd say that I like light fantasy. That word makes me think of things like Piers Anthony, whom I'm not a fan of. I think I'd say I'm a fan of epic fantasy, but not the newer tendency toward dark fantasy. And I really have quite a passion for kidlit. I admit it! :)

Maria said...

I just can't get into mysteries. Cannot stand the suspense. I like fiction, but usually only by female writers.

Interesting list, though.