Saturday, November 03, 2007

Muse Flash

[a poem inspired by the Can You Picture That prompt of Cafe Writing's November Project]

Muse Flash

Blank sheet before me,
My pen poised to write,
I call for my muse
to come join me tonight.

Without inspiration
my mind is a blank,
I think of the shopping,
the trip to the bank,

all the dishes not done,
and the laundry to fold.
If I don't get a grip
I will find I've grown old

before ink touches paper.
Perhaps if I light
a flickering candle
to temper the flight

of my thoughts and ideas.
OK, girl, settle down.
Remember to write
with a smile not a frown.

There is something inside
that you wanted to say.
Sit down, and relax
(and it can't hurt to pray.)

My wheels are done spinning
and I've no more excuses.
I scribble in hopes
that my creative juices

will kick in at last
and my pen it will speed,
and create a new piece.
Ah! my muse did succeed.


gautami tripathy said...

To beat it, write any thing that comes into your mind.

sister AE said...

Hello, Gautami. I agree. The terrible "blank page" fear I had when I was younger rarely shows up now. I start by making marks on the page, whether doodles, swirls or words. The process of leaving a mark, when I give myself permission, leads to something.

Maria said...

That was how I was taught as well. That when you hit a snag, to just free associate and write until it led you somewhere and surprisingly, it always did.

To this day, I regret that I wasn't a creative writing major. I worried that I wouldn't be able to make a living out of it, so I went into a different direction. This has been lucrative financially, but not helped the need I feel to write.

Becca said...

I love this poem, and the way you've used the picture to inspire your muse and offer some good advice.

Well done!

sister AE said...

Hi, Maria. I guess we are all thankful of the opportunity that blogging gives us. An excuse to write and a place to put it.

Thanks, Becca. The blank page in the picture is the part that called to me most.

sophie said...

Love the title as well!

sister AE said...

Hello, Sophie. I'm a sucker for a pun - especially with my less-serious poems.

Shephard said...

Oh, very nice. Boy can I relate!
~S :)

sister AE said...

Thanks, Shephard.