Sunday, January 04, 2009

Word Painting for Read Write Poem

[This summer I had a conversation with someone about the definition of poetry. After thinking about it overnight I decided I liked the description "painting with words."

With that in mind, what follows is a word painting using the poem titles left for us in the collaborative prompt at Read Write Poem. Don't forget to see what others came up with here.

To make this, I took all the donated poetry titles, removed punctuation and fed them into a wordle. I then used the words in the wordle to inspire this word painting.]

Say This Isn't

Say this isn't this what America is:
the next sterling silver skyline,
warm splash of colours softly made;
Dorothy loving Sylvia in a poem,
and a dinosaur musical made of paper money.

Miss Ted moves against a blueberry door.
Next to the bones of a haggard afternoon,
hot and dirty in degrees at last,
she breaks the double-bass flute.

Gone are scraps meant for you in
an insoluble separation
of that marriage made of essential letters

A clay castle isn't rare.
The map meant somewhere else.
Haggard Minneapolis crows are gentle –
my biscuit minerals remain.


Anonymous said...

I like your process.

It came out really well--it does have the feeling of a painting, the atmosphere of walking through a hushed museum.

sister AE said...

thanks, angie.

the thing about this is that it is like magnetic poetry - i can shift the same words around and around and on different days, they make more sense grouped one way - another day I like them better a different way...

rob kistner said...

This piece has a surreal feel, almost psychedelic -- I like it...

sister AE said...

thanks, rob.