Monday, May 04, 2009

Evening Daydream

Read Write Poem always finds such stimulating pictures for the Read Write Image prompts and #15 is no exception. This week Deb gave us Sunset by MorBCN, which I am showing you here according to its Creative Commons license.

It led me to this poem.

Evening Daydreaming
Flat water lay in the blue boat,
not the other way around.
The slim boat floated in the air,
pushing aside salmon clouds,
and avoiding the ripples of time
that threatened to sink dreams
back to reality.


sarah said...

Lovely :-)

Anonymous said...

I appreciate the simplicity... such peaceful word imagery. Thank you.

Julie Jordan Scott
a fellow poet from ReadWritePoem... who can never figure out how to log into these identities on Blogger so I comment quasi-anonymously

Wayne Pitchko said...

very nice.....i love simplicity...especially when my poetry gets complicated and i dont understand it

Deb said...

Glad you liked the image. :^)

I think your poem is a marvelous response to it, complements the surreal quality of the scene. Powerful last line supported by great line breaks.

chicklegirl said...

I agree with Deb--that last line is so solid. I love how it pulls me back from the edge of the dream in the rest of the poem.