Monday, August 10, 2009

Not Sorry

I haven't been writing any poetry I can share, so I tried a different approach. This is a work in progress, but I think I like where its going. Check out what others have to share at the Monday Poetry Train Revisited.

I'm Not Sorry

I thank the summer
for the heat that makes me sweat
and wilts the houseplants.
I perversely appreciate the high humidity
that brings mold on the wind,
into my nose,
making me sniffle and sneeze,
and my eyes water.
I bless the dry spells
that make the crispy weeds crunch
beneath my feet
and fill the air and my mouth with dust.
It is unapologetically summer
and no Back-to-School / Halloween / Christmas
sale in the stores
will convince me otherwise.
I dream of wading
barefoot along the dappled edge
of the creek,
hat off and sunburned,
and I show up late for work
with no remorse.


Stan Ski said...

Love the ending!

sister AE said...

Thanks, Stan. Me too.

Amethyst said...

Very nice. (=

amanda said...

Prose is good anytime of day and this is a perfect tribute to summer! I really like this and if it is alright with you I would like to share it on my facebook.
Have a great day!

mine is here

sister AE said...

Thanks, Amethyst.

Hello, Amanda. Thanks for asking about sharing this piece. It is OK with me if you do so, as long as you credit it with my blog-name and website:
sister AE

gautami tripathy said...

We are having the same kind of weather you describe here.

I liked how you ended it.

fired blue vase

ghost said...

I found this to be quite entertaining THANKS!