Saturday, August 18, 2012

Gray Is a Story

Check out Carmi's post for more gray.

When Carmi prompted us to post a gray-themed picture I started thinking about what I might use as my gray subject. What is gray for me? What comes to mind when I think of gray? 

The simplest answer is that gray is a paint chip; one of those little pieces of paper you get at the hardware store with a series of "warm grays" or "cool grays" that you can hold against your wall, scrunch up your eyes and try to figure out what it would look like magnified a thousand times to fill the room. 

Beyond that, however, I realized that gray (to me) is a story. gray is my drive to work 
with the interior of the car in a color that Toyota (that year) called "stone."

Gray can be a boring length of galvanized steel. 
But if I back up a step, I see it has a story to tell, with a hole and rust, and a chain. 

Gray is the color of rocks around here. 
I grew up with rocks that were predominantly beige. New England granite, however, seems to be mostly served up in gray.

The gravel beneath my feet can tell a story; this time the story is about nature's resilience. 

The Civil War Monument downtown is gray, and definitely tells a story, with the names carved in the bottom section. The fact that it is in good shape and not neglected is also a story. 

I just know that this house has stories to tell.

Even the parking meter I used on Wednesday has a story to tell. I see that it wasn't always gray. It seems to me that in a former life it was blue. 

But the favorite gray for me are these chairs. 

Simple folding chairs might seem to be a boring story. But every time these chairs come out of the basement it is because we're expecting company, and that is always a smile-worthy occasion.


ifthethunderdontgetya™³²®© said...

Nice pics, and a lovely ending!

Gilly said...

I love your grey selection - especially the chairs! Our local stone is grey, but a browner tinge in it. Millstone Grit its called, because, guess what! - it was used to make Mill Stones, being hard!

Janet said...

those chairs remind me of the church my parents attended and the many pot lucks we went to!

Carmi Levy said...

I like how you see the world. While some may see things as ordinary, it's the stories around them that are extraordinary - but only if we take the time to look. You clearly do, and I find that neat.

So glad you shared this as part of this week's theme. The new one's now up!

laura.forestdreams:) said...

...i never really thought gray to be boring. like you say, so many shades...and as you proved with your pictures...each 'gray something' has a story behind it.

Creative said...

To you, it can never be a boring story because it's your life, and it's the day to day things you see around you, that make up the fabric of your life! My grey story is a teddy bear my first boyfriend gave me that's grey and that I will always cherish :)