Sunday, February 16, 2014

Haiku 2014-Feb-15

I forgot yesterday, oops. 

Feb 15

superhero cape hidden in snow shovel rescue on the ramp


Maria said...

Don't feel badly. Bing and I would forget it if it weren't for our daughter. We both feel compelled to buy her huge cards and wax poetically about our love for her. We also buy a huge box of Russell Stover chocolates for all of us to share.

As for us? We get each other funny cards. Never romantic. But, when Liv goes off to college, I am very sure that Valentines Day will come and go without any fuss.

sister AE said...

LOL, Maria. I didn't forget Valentine's Day, I forgot the haiku-a-day habit I'm trying to do this month. hee-hee.

Valentine's Day isn't as big a deal for us since we celebrate our anniversary earlier in the month.