Saturday, September 29, 2007

Five Powerful Things

[inspired by the Sunday Scribblings prompt "Powerful"]

When Sunday Scribblings asked us to think of "powerful" I ended up with a list:

1 - Teresa Trull's lungs
I want them -- well, I want a pair just like them. The first time I heard her in concert, I was blown away. She can hit a note and keep it spinning through the room forever. Awesome.

2 - Hurricane Bob in 1991, from a ring-side seat in Maine

We rode out the storm in a sea-side cabin. The storm's wind and rain and waves and surf were all huge. This was far from a Katrina, but it was the most powerful hurricane I've experienced directly.

3 - The urge to eat something soon after I wake up.
When I ignore this powerful urge it makes me very, very grouchy.
Just ask my wife.

4 - Libraries
The library helped me travel the world from my small corner - for free. Once I devoured large sections of our town's library, I learned about the inter-library loan system and the universe was mine.

5 - "Thank you."
Saying "thank you" to someone is more powerful than you know. Sadly, forgetting to say it is also powerful.


gautami tripathy said...

What a different way of thinking. Power indeed. I relate to that library thing.

Jo said...

Another good post.......

sister AE said...

Hi, Gautami. I wanted to illustrate some positive and sometimes hidden powers.

Hello, Jo. Thanks.

tumblewords said...

Indeed, power comes in many forms! Love this list and thoughtful post!

sister AE said...

Hi, tumblewords. Thanks.

Maria said...

I agree. Saying thank you brings all the world into a good focus.

And, I wake up jonesin for coffee and oatmeal. Every day.

sister AE said...

Welcome back, Maria. I'm not picky about what I eat in the morning - just so long as I get something!

And thank you for visiting - really.

VLD said...

I also agree on the thank you thing. Can't agree on the food thing though - my overwhelming urge is to go back to sleep!

sister AE said...

Welcome, VLD. I have days like that too, in which case the food works as a bribe.