Saturday, September 15, 2007

Middle Name Meme

I am not planning to share my middle name, which would make this meme difficult. So I picked, instead, the middle name of my mother's mother.

Middle Name Meme

Obligatory Rules, Copy and put in your post.
First, post the meme rules before you start listing the facts of the meme. Then, for each letter of your middle name, list a fact/statement relevant to you and/or your life, in some way. If you don’t have a middle name, pick one. And then, of course, you tag others.

A - Alive - My mother's mother was my the only one of my grandparents still alive when I was born.

L - Little Sister - My grandma's older sister lived with her until my grandma went to the nursing home.

I - Illinois - Grandma lived her whole life in Illinois.

C - Cook - Grandma worked as a cook in a tavern when my mom was young, and my memories of her cooking for me are very vivid.

E - Embrace - Nothing felt as warm and nonjudgemental as grandma's hugs

I don't play tag anymore - use this if you like, or don't.


Carmi said...

I think I'll keep my middle name to myself: it's too weird even for those who understand the language!

Then again, my given name's bizarre, too. What were my parents thinking?

So glad I came across your blog. I love the way you write about family and life.

Shana tovah!

sister AE said...

Welcome back, Carmi. I skipped not only my middle name, but my mom's too (she doesn't like her name).

I'm glad you enjoy my stories. L'shana tova to you and your family, too!