Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day

Today I be a seafarin' hearty an' I says: Yes, indeed, 'tis again that time o' voyage, when each an' ever' one o' us be invited, nay encouraged t' Talk Like a Pirate. If ye didna plan ahead, go on o'er t' the'r site an' check 't ou' - go ahead! ya bilge rat who ortin' t' be keel hauled!

Don`t forget t' try th' English-t'-Swashbuckler Translators, includin' this one 'ere ye can e'en type in yer webpage`s URL an' be seein' 't translated fer ye (th' smaller field at th' bottom). Have ye gone, ya horn swogglin' scurvy cur?

Here be how 'tis done:
I ran m own post "Tea and Me" through th' translator t' come up with:

Grog an' Me
I didna drink grog. Th' first grog I knew o' be iced grog, loaded t' th' gunwhales by nearly sea dogs an' land lubbers I knew in th' summer. I didna like 't. Wi' or without sugar didna matter, wi' or without lemon. 't jus' wasn't me thin'. When I be in Girl Scouts, we learned t' make Sun Grog by puttin' grog bags in a large glass container that would sit in th' hot summer sun fer a long time. Since this be jus' another way t' make iced grog, I wasn't really impressed.

Go be havin' fun before th' tide be over, ya scallywag!


June said...

What a hoot! Amazing what you can find on the web.

sister AE said...

Aye - th' web be full o' odd beasties an' dirty blaggarts. Ya mus' watch ou' fer 'em.

Janet said...

A girl scout pirate...hmmm... ;-)

sister AE said...

Aahrrg, Janet. Now don't be questionin' me ancestry! Jes drink yer grog real quiet like.

Jennifer said...

I don't see how you do it...I couldn't come up with that much pirate-speak...LOL! I will say this: you done a fine job, matey! Arrrrrr!!

sister AE said...

Ahoy, Janet. Me mateys been celebratin' Talk Like a Pirate Day fer years an' that helps. An forcin' the tranlater beastie on th' web t' do th' work be e'en better an' leaves me time ter drop anchor.

crallspace said...

Luckily nobody did this in my presence on the day of. My co-worker and I were ready to punch whomever dared to talk like a pirate.