Tuesday, March 11, 2008


[Read Write Poem encouraged us to use dreams as a prompt or inspiration. See what the other folks dreamed up here.]


I dream only of the familiar
although fragmented and re-mixed
until the mosaic-tile result
no longer bears resemblance
to my every-day.
A doorway from the house
of my 3rd-grade best friend

leads into the high school gym.
I dream without plot.
If my dreams were novels,
I would never bring them
home from the library.
A swim turns into flight,
and then I'm arguing

at a bowling alley.
My dreams are without art,
not much "there" there,
a gallery of the pedestrian,
I'd pass it by on my way to
more interesting places.
I shuffle papers at work,
on the first floor of a skyscraper

in the middle of the woods.
But does my sleeping-self
guard me against
dreams of excess?
The time spent in luxurious splendor,
in sybaritic excesses,

where my every desire

is anticipated and fulfilled.

A rage of resent,

accompanied by rancor-ridden roars

of enmity,

in which I yell until my ears hurt.

The terror that chases me

as I suffer and panic and pant and stumble

until I can't run any farther

and it wouldn't do any good anyway

because I'm in a corner

and it is dark and dank and
Does my sleeping-self protect me?

Or perhaps I have only boring dreams.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I like this, specially the mosaic tile effect...

Leigh Lear said...

very nice, i especially like this,

A rage of resent,
accompanied by rancor-ridden roars
of enmity,
in which I yell until my ears hurt.

sister AE said...

Thanks, Juliet. I liked the idea of looking at a mosaic and not knowing which piece came from a plate, or a bowl, or a mug, or a floor tile.

Hi, Leigh. Thanks.

Ali said...

Sister AE, this is wonderful. I love to analyaze dreams --and it's incredible how your poetry erad the way we dream. In and out of consciousness whether night or day...and with the intense emotion and imagery that unclear dreams can bring to us. Just very well done. I read your poem on poetswhoblog and lnked here. Thank you. Ali

sister AE said...

Hello, Ali. I'm so glad you like it, and I'm glad you stopped by.

Carmi said...

I always come away from reading your work thinking a little bit more introspectively. I like work that forces the reader to look inward. Few writers manage this, but you do.

Popped by from Michele's tonight. I'm super late on account of my cantankerous BlackBerry. It has issues commenting on some Blogger blogs. Sometimes, technology vexes me!

sister AE said...

Hi, Carmi. Thanks so much! And I work with technology too, so I really understand.