Thursday, March 13, 2008


[This week the Totally Optional Prompt was "Smoke and Mirrors" but my brain wouldn't let go of "Smoking Mirror" which is another name for the Aztec god, Tezcatlipoca. You can see what other folks came up with here.]


Smoking Mirror, Aztec god of night,
of temptation and chaos.
You like to "stir the pot," don't you?

You play your flute and charm.
You tempt. You seduce. You sit back and
watch what your trickery started.

Jaguar that you are, spotted as the night sky,
you see behind things when you gaze
into your obsidian mirror.

Comfortable people sit on the couch all day.
God of the cold north, of hurricanes,
you make people uncomfortable.

You make them twitchy and ill-at-ease.
Uncomfortable folks don't sit still. They restlessly
move around, seeking resolution to the itch.

Is it your influence I feel as I struggle
to create? Is your enmity the
reason I reject word after word,

uneasy in my push to craft, to polish
my own magic mirror that reflects
what I see behind the world?


gautami tripathy said...

This somehow complements my poem. Doesn't it?

I learnt something new here today. Thanks!

Crafty Green Poet said...

I enjoyed this very much, I like the way you move from the ancient god to the very personal ending

Stan Ski said...

A word of thanks to the god of inspiration is due for this

paisley said...

not at all familiar with the aztec gods,, i thank you for brining this to my attention... it is always nice to have someone else to blame....

anthonynorth said...

There is a Jungian argument that the ancient myths were really our minds, writ large - symbols of our psychology.
I think this comes over, here.

sister AE said...

Hi, Gautami. Yes, I think it does!

Thanks, Juliet.

Hello, Stan. And a big yes to that.

Hi, Paisley, and thanks.

Thanks, Anthony.

Janet said...

Beautiful :-) I think he's been stirring my pot lately.

btw, BPAL has a scented oil named after him; it smells of: "Deep cocoa laced with patchouli, leather armor, ritual incense, and a touch of Xochiquetzal’s flowers."

sister AE said...

Thanks, Janet. Interesting collection of scents - not my style. But they are better than some things that could be associated with him.

tumblewords said...

You've captured so well the mystical pull and power of the ancient god. Great work at weaving him into the now.

sister AE said...

Thanks, tumblewords. I thought that just because we don't notice them any more doesn't mean that they aren't still there.

mary said...

I like the interesting place the prompt took you. Hope no muses were sacrificed for this poem!

SweetTalkingGuy said...

Yeah, I could feel his power in your writing. What I mean is that; I feel your words empowered him..

sister AE said...

Thanks, Mary. My muse (at least) is still intact!

Hi, Andy. Thank you.

d sinclair said...

gorgeous! I love mesopotamian gods even though I can't pronounce any of them ;)... your work on this really carries over the charm of a trickster.


oh and michelle sent me

sister AE said...

Thanks, D. The names are a mouthful for me too. Glad you came by.

Greyscale Territory said...

Your poem captures that "presence" of "the old ones". Visibility does not prove reality.

Lovely reflection!


sister AE said...

Hi, Gemma. Thanks! I'm glad you like this one.

freesherry said...

I absolutely loved the way this flowed..

sister AE said...

Thanks, freesherry. I'm glad you like it.

craziequeen said...

ooh, I liked that. I'm so glad Michele sent me here to read your poem......

LOVE that last evocative!

' polish
my own magic mirror that reflects
what I see behind the world?'


sister AE said...

Hi, cq. I'm so glad you like it. stop by any time.