Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pictures from my Niece - batch 3 continued

batch 3 continued with my niece's comments:

Pic 1010028 is of Recon and Sabrina hanging out at Green Beans Coffee Shop. We walk the dogs from the kennels to this area just about every night. They get to stop and visit many military men and women along the way and then we sit and enjoy a nice cup of hot chocolate before heading back. It is about a 2 mile walk. The dogs really enjoy it and so do the military men and women.

Pic 1010032A is of Recon giving a "hug" to one of the military guys.

We also went over to the fire department on the flight line today and were able to get a bunch of great pics with all the firemen and pics of Recon in the fire truck and up on the front of the truck. They all just loved playing with her. When then went on a ride in the fire truck. Recon stepped on the horn and made us all jump. It was really loud! They then handed the controls for the water to me and I proceeded to blow down the constatine wire fence! It was so much fun! But I think that if I had to put a fire out with my skills that it just wouldnt happen. I'll stick to working the dog. ;) I dont have any of the pics from today yet, but will forward some when I get them.

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