Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pictures from my Niece - batch 2

More pictures from Feb 11 with her notes:

Pic 3828 This is a picture of one of the places where we train. It is located on Sather AB in an area where construction type trash is dumped occasionally.

Pic 3830 This is me and 2 Iraqi girls at the CMOC. CMOC is a clinic on the base where Iraqis are brought for health care and to receive food and other items. Both of these girls speak English fairly well and said that they learned it in school.

Pic 3838 Is a picture of me with one of the last efigies (sp?) of Saddam Hussein that is left in tact. This was taken on Slayer Camp near where the Army Corps of Engineers has there Mass Graves Team set up.

Pic 3839 This is a picture of Recon on my bed in tent city. She isn't supposed to be in there anymore, but I was able to get a pic of her before they decided they couldn't have them in there.

Pic 3844 This is a picture of me, in all of my ballistic equipment, working Recon on Sather AB. This was a training session. The equipment weighs over 40lbs and we are required to work the dogs on lead. It is very difficult to watch where you walk and work the dog at the same time in all that gear. I feel like a storm trooper in that get up!

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