Friday, February 23, 2007

My Niece's Pictures - more batch 4

A couple more pictures and comments from my niece on Feb 16:

Pic 2110016: 4 people and 3 dogs crammed into this fire truck. The firemen took us out to the flight line to let us play with shooting the water. I blew down the constatine wire and a steel barrier. They were very nice though and idnt revoke my license to shoot water! he he he. I wont be becoming a firefighter anytime soon though.... Recon also enjoyed blowing the horn on the truck. It is located on the floor and she stomped right on it a few times and made us all jump!

Pic 2110020: This picture was taken on Sather AB where I stay. This is in the front of the Glass House where Saddam Hussein used to have a lot of his meetings. The inside is all marble and the dome on the building is made up of glass, but you can't see through from the inside to the outside. It is real pretty though.

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