Thursday, February 22, 2007

Pictures from my Niece - batch 1

My niece sent these pictures on Feb 11 from Iraq:

Pic 3761 is of Recon on my bed in Kuwait. We didnt get to spend much time there because we had to be at the flightline about every 2 hours to see if we could get a flight out to Baghdad. We finally did 2 days later.

Pic 3792A I also took this picture from on top of the control tower but It is looking away from Baghdad and towards Sather AB. Tent City is somewhere in the dust behind the helicopters.

Pic 3805 is a sunset picture that I took from on top of the Baghdad International Airport control tower.

Pic 3819 This is Recon and one of the other cadaver dogs, Sabrina, playing at the kennels.

Pic 3820 The 2nd tent on the left is where I stay right now. We have received our trailers, but they have to poor footings for them, so it will be a month or so before we move in to them.

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