Sunday, May 11, 2008

Paper Jam

[a small real-life moment from Monday this week]

Paper Jam

If I wanted to fold sheets of paper
crosswise in an accordion-pleat
I would not have picked
the 4-color laser printer
as the tool to help me,
especially since after the page
is folded it lies neat and tidy,
but immovable, and beyond
the reach of my frustrated fingers.


Bob-kat said...

Your's does that too huh? I think origami is the hobby of printers but they're just not very good at it.

Great verse :)

Carmi said...

I'm going to hover over our color laser printer now to ensure it doesn't get any funny ideas.

That convergence point between technology and life is such rich fodder for thought. I'm glad you shared this!

sister AE said...

Thanks, Bob-kat!

Hi, Carmi. They do pick up bad habits when you aren't looking!

Jade said...

i love paper, even when it
doesn't cooperate,

sister AE said...

most paper - i like. machines that act up - not so much.