Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Two more workdays, then I'm off to the vacation spot!

and counting...


BreadBox said...

Visiting down the line at Michele's special one-day comment posting: what sort of vacation do you have planned? A relaxing time at the beach, touring a special European city (Paris? Amsterdam? Budapest?) Or losing too much money in Vegas?
Have a great time wherever it is!

sister AE said...

Hi, N. I'll probably make at least one post about it, so for now I'll give the short answer that we head to an ultra-relaxed cabin in the mountains. Lots of time to read and write, but no internet.

Michele said...

BreadBox, was kind enough to ask the questions I wanted to ask. You were kind enough to have already supplied the answer.

Now, I will be un-kind enough to say: I'm jealous.

No, really, have a glorious vacation. It sounds heavenly.

p.s. thank you for contributing to the 'Michele Wants to Win' comment game.