Sunday, July 15, 2007


[Inspired by Sunday Scribblings]

Here's a story I have been told about me.

When I was little, my mom cut my hair at home. I had a simple hair-cut, a page-boy, with my straight dark hair cut above the shoulder and with bangs in the front. Even when I was little, I could sit still long enough for Mom to do it, though probably not much longer than that.

I, in turn, would comb and fix the hair on my dolls. I wasn't in school yet, so I was younger than 5 years old. I had a lot of dolls, although not as many as the 50-some that I counted when I was about 10. I had to have at least 10.

I was a quiet kid, all-in-all, and I was able to entertain myself without a lot of parental guidance. I had a lively imagination. Sometimes, that play was done in my room. I had my own bedroom, with pink carpet, pink-patterned drapes, and a lot of other pink in the room for what my dad called his "little pink princess."

One day while cleaning my room my mom discovered hair under my bed. Brown hair. Not a lot, just a bit, but it had definitely been cut from something. Mom asked me where the hair came from, fully expecting to hear which of my dolls had a new and shorter hairstyle.

Imagine her surprise when I showed her where I had cut off some of my own hair! I guess my hair was so thick that she hadn't yet noticed!

I was very clearly instructed not to cut my own hair in the future, and not to cut my dolls' hair either (while we were on the subject). In fact, I'm guessing that my access to scissors was greatly curtailed for some time after that.


Rob Kistner said...

Fun read. Sounds like fate was trying to steer you to be a hair designer? ... ;)

Crafty Green Poet said...

My sister cut a chunk out of her hair once when we were young - she threw it out of the window where my Dad found it in the garden. I think she was probably banned from scissors for a while too!

sister AE said...

Thanks, Rob. I don't know about that. I do know my grandmother and great-aunt encouraged me to comb their hair, telling me I'd be a good hairdresser. For a few years I cut my wife's hair, but that often took a little too much patience to be good for us!

sister AE said...

Hi, Crafty! My brother (younger than I by 2 1/2 years) cut his hair, got in trouble, then a couple months later did it again!

Scissors are a very tempting thing, it seems!

Patois said...

My mom was a bit paranoid about what might happen if any of the five of her kids got hold of scissors, so she kept them far away from us. We'd have used them on each other, not ourselves. And it wouldn't have been just hair we'd have been cutting!

gautami tripathy said...

What a story..I wish I had thought of cutting my hair when I was a kid..

Now its too late!

Just Expressing Myself said...

I tried to cut my own hair as an adult - it was one of those dealios where one side came out shorter than the other so I cut a little more off the other side, but it still wasn't even so...
Thanks so much for visiting my blog.
I look forward to returning to yours.

sister AE said...

Gautami - it isn't too later - but it still might not be a good idea!

Frances - my pleasure. you are welcome any time.

Maria said...

I had a cousin who used to come over and play with me with her dolls. One day, we traded dolls and pretended to be beauticians. I gave her doll a lot of style with a product known as Dippity Do. I looked over in horror to realize that she had cut my long haired dolls hair into a pixie cut.

I was forlorn and scared to death that I would be spanked. And, I was, after we got home, for letting her play with my doll!

sister AE said...

Maria - That was the "a little dab'll do ya" stuff, yes? And how sad about your doll's hair. And how unfair that you were expected to guard the dolls against a cousin you probably had no control over!

I had no cousins nearby and only one was anywhere near my age so I was spared such an incident.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I have cut my hair as an adult....Sometimes oretty good, sometimrs TERRIBLE! (LOL)
Once it was so bad...I kept cutting and cutting, tryig to even it up...and finally it was so damn short I had to wear Turbens for six weeks!
I love that your Mom did not know that you had cut your own hair....! It must have been very very thick!
Congrats on being Michele's Site-Of-The-Day....! Enjoy, my dear!

Bernie said...

OK, so what do you do now, are you a Hairdresser by chance??

Here from Michele's today, you're the Site of the Day!!

rosemary said...

Hello, here from Michele. I am jealous already....straight dark hair versus curly blonde mind of its own hair, Yup, I cut my own too but was busted minutes later. Curly hair goes boing after it is cut if it is too short...which it was naturally. My bangs looked like ric rac. I still cut my own hair now becuase stylists do the same thing and I am too old for boings. Great post. I'm glad I came to visit.

sister AE said...

Hello, OOTH. Welcome back and thanks.

Bernie - Ha! I am SO not a hairdresser. I have many talents and inclinations, but that is not one of them. Even if I did, I no longer have the patience that would take. I am a middle-manager working in academia.

Rosemary - Even straight hair has its "boing" moments, especially if it is short enough that the "boing" sends it straight UP. I have a kind of cowlick that is a challenge now that I wear my hair quite short. Thanks for visiting.

barbie2be said...

this story mad me laugh. i was forever getting caught cutting my own bangs. and i once gave my beautiful crissy doll a haircut. which kind of defeats the purpose of having a doll that grows hair.

michele sent me.

sister AE said...

Hi, barbie2be - I'm glad you liked it. I had those "growing hair" dolls one was a blonde and the other had reddish hair. I remember it was easier to get the hair longer than it was to get it wound back up. I guess your way was faster!! hee-hee

chrysalis said...

I always practiced on Barbies. Then on my sister.

Hi from Michele's!!

sister AE said...

chrysalis - hello! glad you could visit.