Friday, July 20, 2007

My Niece & BARK

In the middle is Recon. He is the one in the middle, sitting on one of Saddam's thrones this spring. He is one of my niece's work dogs.

You can read more about what he (and my niece) are doing in Iraq here at the Collier Citizen website.

I have just tagged other entries here with "niece," if you want to see more.


Maria said...

That throne is needed in my living room. I could watch TV and demand bon bons.

Clare said...

That is a wild photo! It looks like something from Alice in Wonderland. I hope Recon and your niece stay safe in Iraq.

sister AE said...

Maria - hee-hee, I love the image, but I have to think that this is more about show and less about comfort. But I can definitely get into the bon-bons!

Clare - thanks. Some of the other palace pictures my niece sent are equally wild (even without the dogs). Definitely from a different kind of mind-set. Some elaborate stuff built just for the palace's well-to-do children, then some pictures of a woman and her children tending goats along the Euphrates River. Surreal! Thanks for your good wishes.