Monday, February 04, 2008


[And last, but not least, in my triple-threat response to Read Write Poem's prompt to think about clothing...]


On an average winter day,
I head out in a coat
and my black leather gloves.

The gloves fit me perfectly
now, the thin leather stretched
to just my shape, worn but warm
enough and they feel more
grown-up than yarn or fleece.

Their softness holds echoes
of the dresser drawer that held
Mom's many leather gloves.

They were white and bone, black
and brown, camel and navy.

She had short
ones that barely
reached her wrist.
There were some that kept
her wrists warm, tucking into
the sleeve of her winter coat.
And there were long ones for very special occasions,
like dressing to the nines for a romantic night of dancing.

The ones lined in silk were her favorites.
And they all fit her
like a glove.


Crafty Green Poet said...

I like gloves too, especially the long ones for glamour...

sister AE said...

Hi, Juliet - glad you saw all three. The long ones have a place in my memory, if not in my wardrobe.

UL said...

ah women have so many choices...we do.

Jo said...

My grandma had many beautiful gloves, they are so feminine aren't they?

sister AE said...

Hi, UL. thanka.

Hello, Jo. I hadn't thought about the differences in my dress-up clothes until I started writing this, but I have lots more jeans and sneakers and many fewer gloves and dresses than my mom did - actually than she does - I'm betting she still has the gloves even if she doesn't wear them anymore. I'll have to look next time I visit.

Linda Jacobs said...

perfect ending! all three of your clothing poems were a treat to read!

sister AE said...

thanks, again, Linda.

Rob Kistner said...

That was excellent, and full of warm memories that felt good and snug -- like fine leather gloves. Thank you for sharing... ;)

The Literary Prostitute said...

I love how the smallest and most insignificant of objects can spark the most poignant memories. I love how you drove this one home.

sister AE said...

Ha! Thanks, Rob. Guess this was a good fit!

Thanks, Laura. The elements of this poem were easy to find. I'm glad I found the right way to put them together.

...deb said...

Beautiful. Wonderful.

[It reminded me of my grandmother's handmade gloves. My mom gave them to me, but they are too small. I'm thinking of framing them and hanging them on the wall.]

Gloves are a fabulous clothing choice to talk about. So evocative!

sister AE said...

Oh, ...deb! Framing them is a fantastic idea!