Friday, February 22, 2008

Spicy Chant

[Tricia at The Miss Rumphius Effect gave us a doozy of a challenge this week in the Monday Poetry Stretch. We were challenged to come up with a rhyming chant (check out the prompt, which includes an imbedeed YouTube of Tom Lehrer's song, "The Elements." Below is my effort, containing most of the spices in my house (and containing only one that I don't have but I really needed for the rhyme!) Check out the other folks' chants too.]

Searching my Spice Rack

Nutmeg and some celery seeds,
turmeric and mustard seeds,
oregano and poppy seeds,
rosemary, basil, sesame seeds.

Cayenne pepper and chili powder,
rubbed sage, allspice, garlic powder,
crushed red pepper, curry powder
ground ginger and cream of tartar.

Dill, black pepper, cinnamon,
cumin, cloves and tarragon,
thyme and pods of cardamom,
paprika, mace and marjoram.

Coriander and salt that's grey,
star anise and caraway,
parsley flakes and leaves of bay,
perhaps vanilla beans today.


Tricia said...

I really like this. In fact, Wednesday night while making dinner I gave serious consideration to my spice drawer, but decided it would be too hard to find the rhyme. You've outdone yourself!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

WOW! That is FABULOUS! And thjat semed like a very hard challange, to me....! YOU DID GREAT!
And Michele thinks so, too!

Mary Lee said...

YUM! What a great place to look for inspiration!

DaisyBug said...

What a cool idea! And such interesting spices!

sister AE said...

Thanks, Tricia. I was worried about the rhymes too, but they seemed to work out.

Hello, Naomi. Thanks!

Hi, Mary Lee. Glad you like it.

Thanks, DaisyBug. I love to cook and I guess I do have a large assortment. Sadly, though, some of these have been unused for a while.

BD said...

Your eyes must be wide and your brain open- to recognize such inspiration anywahere. Either that or you and your muse are best friends. I love how everyday this is- wonderful.

sister AE said...

Ha! Well, BD, my brain is always spinning and sometimes I can slow it down long enough to dig in. Glad you like this.