Friday, January 04, 2008

Friday Fill-In 53

[You can see more Friday Fill-Ins for this week here.]

1. This year, I'd like to
get fewer colds.
2. Not working
is what I daydream about most.
3. My car
is a deep green.
4. I would like to have more time outside
in my life.
5. I love to have lots of trees
around the house. (outside - in case that wasn't clear)
6. Kindness
makes me smile.
7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to
dinner cooked by my wife who is working at home this afternoon, tomorrow my plans include doing what I want on my own timetable while my wife is at class all day and Sunday, I want to go see a movie (the Golden Compass)!


Janet said...

I tried that not working thing for a few months when I moved back to the states from Japan. Got real old real fast LOL! Altho, you have a wife and child so I'm sure it'd be better :-)

Golden Compass was GREAT!

Thanks for playing :-)

sister AE said...

Hi, Janet,
Just a wife - no child. And there are ever so many books to read, cookbooks to work through, poems to write, trips to take. Of course, all that assumes a flow of magical income, but that's why they call it a day DREAM!

Shephard said...

It's just comforting to come to your blog and hear you use "wife" in an average and everyday sort of way. :) I'm grateful every time I have that opportunity (they're kinda rare).

We loved "The Golden Compass."

stephanie said...

Okay, for #3 I guess I could think a little harder. I want to pose that one to my students and see what they come up with. It seemed so hard early in the morning...

And I love the trees outside the house :)

sister AE said...

Hullo, Shephard. hee-hee and thanks. It is a delight to be able to do it - and less confusing (all-in-all) than "partner" - what I used before.

Hi, Stephanie. I wavered between the blankest of blank slates and then too many really boring things. Now I can't turn them off (my hair is a mess, my pen is out of ink, my week is now over...) Glad you like the trees - in the summer they are especially nice.

Becky68 said...

I wish I had a green car, heck, I wish I had any car but my own, it has truly seen better days!
Enjoy your weekend.

sally906 said...

Hope you liked the movie - I have the Pullman book on my TBR list this year but will wait to see it on DVD

sister AE said...

Hello, Becky68. Thanks. I shared a car until I got this one just 3 years ago.

Hi, sally906. Thanks.

Clare said...

Hi Sister AE! What was for dinner? And how was the movie "The Golden Compass? I loved reading your Friday Fill-In. And I hope you do get fewer colds this year and get to spend more time outside! I cracked up about the trees being outside instead of being inside around the house. We just had a major storm with branches and trees flying everywhere. I found 3 beautiful and twisted long Madrone branches lying on a fire road, and brought them home (inside!) -- I figure I can make a nice arrangement out of them -- they look like art. Have a great week!

sister AE said...

She made steak tips and rice pilaf. The Golden Compass was beautiful and kept me entertained, but it is most definitely the start of a longer story and I was ready for more when the movie ended.