Monday, January 07, 2008

Resolutions for Read, Write, Poem

[I am delighted that Read, Write, Poem will continue under the guidance of ...deb from Stoney Moss. This week's prompt was "resolutions."]


With hand on heart I promise
and do here solemnly swear
to update my outward image
and buy new clothes to wear.

I hereby this day resolve,
dear reader, be my witness,
that I will improve my health
through exercise and fitness.

I give my word of honor
and agree to undertake
the care of my front yard
with mower, hoe and rake.

In honesty I assure you
and consecrate my pledge
to clean house every week
from floor to window ledge.

The vows I make this new year,
each earnest heart-felt vow,
will last as long as ever --
'til perhaps an hour from now!


...deb said...

These could be my resolutions, too!

Clever and fun!

(I had to fish you out of the spam filter - with pleasure - and I remember Dana telling me sometime to only add one link per comment, otherwise the filter thinks you don't belong here.)

sister AE said...

Thanks, ...deb, on both counts - I remembered about the double-comments problem only after it told me it was waiting for moderation. I'll have to "resolve" to remember that!

Chelle said...

I was about to fall out of my chair at the idea of you maintaining the yard - then I got to the end of the poem. Very nice!

Anonymous said...

i had so much fun reading this! it doesn't even matter to me if you keep these resolutions -- with this sense of humor, you'll survive 2008 for sure!

sister AE said...

Thanks, sweetie.

Hello, Carolee. Thanks and I hope so.

Linda said...

Wonderful rhyme and rhythm in here! It just seems so effortless! Great crafting!

sister AE said...

Thanks, Linda.

gautami tripathy said...

great rhyming. i am a sucker for those.

one too many

Anonymous said...

Phew! Had me worried there, up to the end.

sister AE said...

Thanks, Gautami.

Hello, sbpoet. It's OK - I haven't (yet) lost my mind!

paisley said...

girl... if i made resolutions i would have been making these exact same ones for the last twenty odd years... thats why i don't bother!!!!!! very nicely done!!!!!

sister AE said...

LOL, paisley. Let's do it together next year!