Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Pool

[Weekend Wordsmith this week prompted us with a picture. I encourage you to read my post first, then go take a look at the picture.]

The Pool

"...and bring a towel for the pool" the invitation read.
Pool? What pool? They hardly have a back yard!
There was no room for a pool.

When I called to say I was coming I asked, "What pool?"
I could hear the smile in her voice
as she just said, "Don't forget your towel." Was she trying
to channel The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

The day of the party was hot before the sun rose,
the air heavy with humidity,
and I was glad for an excuse to neglect chores and errands.
I brought a chilled bottle of wine -- and my towel.

I went in the front door, though I was dying to see the back,
to see if there had been major excavation.
No the window still looked out on a tree-covered hillside.
"Come on downstairs," she said, "We have the food set up there."

I walked down the narrow steps to the cooler basement,
and admired (and sampled) the buffet table.
I added the wine bottle to the tub of ice
and poured myself a glass of what was open.
Then I stepped out the side door to the lower driveway.

There, beside the asphalt, in the shade of the big oak
was an inflatable "kiddy pool" half-full of clear water.
"Grab a chair," she said, pulling one up to the side of the pool,
"and come on in - the water's fine."
And it was.


Shephard said...

What a great idea for a hot day. I wish I'd thought of that all those humid years in Florida. :)

Michele says hello!

sister AE said...

Hi, Shephard. We've done it for years (in real life we're the hosts not the guests of this scene). I highly recommend it.

Melody said...

Ha! That was great. I totally felt the scene. Well done. (The piccie was great and your little story was very matching indeed!) Thanks for visiting earlier...

sister AE said...

Thanks, Melody. Stop by any time.

Susan Helene Gottfried said...

So much for there not being enough room for a pool! What a great idea!!

sister AE said...

Hello, Susan. The blow-up kind store in very little space, too. Cooling off the feet on a hot day makes a huge difference, no matter how hot it gets!