Wednesday, January 09, 2008

January Thaw

January Thaw

An unexpected spring fever
has arrived here in early January.

The drip, drop-drip
of snow and ice
melting off each roof

and the burbling tumble
of water rushing to the storm drains
seems to have sparked temporary insanity.

Pedestrians wander slowly into
the streets during rush hour traffic.

Cars cross lanes more than usual
and bicycles wobble into intersections
seemingly dazzled by the warmth.

[January Thaws occur here in New England, but they are usually moderate, short-lived, and late in the month. Last year and this year, the warm-up has been sudden and early in the month. Last week we had a high of 15 degrees F - yesterday we made a new high of 67 degrees F. I wrote this during a work meeting yesterday where I could see the sunshine through the door to the rooftop - it was propped open because otherwise the room was too hot to think.]

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Shocka Khan said...

This poem...particuliarly under the circumstances...broke my heart.

I lost the Snowbitch. Please attend the wake at my blog. Grab some Irish Whiskey...or perhaps some crystal clear Grey Goose, stop in at my blog comment section, and tell a poignant tale of you and the deceased.

King Shocka Khan