Monday, October 29, 2007


[This week's Monday Poetry Stretch at the Miss Rumphius Effect is found poetry. This poem was found among the words printed on the various buttons, dials, knobs, switches, panels, and levers in the front of my car. Let's just think of this as a cartoon.]


hi, passenger
auto on
brake off
start passenger airbag
cancel logic
scan mirror
lo logic
set control
time x1000
passenger audio airbag hi
logic mode off
passenger audio max
seek control mode
passenger airbag max
control mode lo
passenger hi
control mode off
mist control
deck passenger
pull toyota off
brake on
auto off
passenger airbag off

auto on
start digital passenger
seek compact disc track
seek tape tune
brake off

[And here's a found poem from August.]


Cloudscome said...

LOL that is hilarious! Pardon me if I decline to be your passenger. Logic off?

sister AE said...

Thanks, Cloudsome! I nearly alway have "logic on" but I can't blame you for declining! Glad you like it.

Tui said...

Thanks for the inspirational fun! Maybe I'll try this with English words I see on people's t-shirts as I walk around town (Naples, Italy.)

sister AE said...

You are welcome, Tui. Let me know what you end up with.