Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Rationality in a 3 Ring Circus

[a poem written for the October Project at Cafe Writing]

Rationality in a 3 Ring Circus

Rational thought cannot combat
the flutter in my stomach,
the sure knowledge that I am
helpless in the face of it,
dread tensing every muscle
and stifled screams stopping my voice
from calling for help.

Rational thought plays no part
in the giddy dance of my twinkling eyes
a smile enfolding me in warmth,
comfort cuddling me
as I willingly give myself over
to the one I trust unconditionally.

Rational thought cannot soothe
the ache in my heart
nor stop the tears tracking down
my vacant face,
their salt stinging my memories.

[The prompt was to write a poem about fear, love, and loss.]


sophie said...

I love the unity of the three verses and the idea that you convey. I am not a writer--not much of a poetry reader--but your words are touching.

sister AE said...

Thanks, sophie. I struggled with the idea of this one because I would not normally be writing about "fear, love, and loss". I decided that since we all have felt those things in one form or another, that I would write about the feelings and their impact without tying it to any specific events.

Mad Kane said...

Excellent. I really felt what you were conveying in those verses. Thanks!
Mad Kane

sister AE said...

Thanks, Mad Kane. Glad you stopped by. I'll certainly be back to your site.